About Me

I know this is where dry work credentials usually go.

But as I’m sure you know, work experience is only one, slightly-out-of-focus snapshot of a person.  If you’re interested in working with me, you should know what you’re signing up for.  You should know what drives me and how I’d support you and your business. This is the real deal on who I am(Don’t worry -  formal creds below.)

I love to build – businesses, careers, programs, strategies – everything.  I live to surmount the insurmountable and find ways to deliver the goods in spite of the odds.  Some people hear “no” “it can’t be done” “I’m stuck.”   I hear an invitation to make it happen.

I don’t believe in thinking small.  I love to take an idea/strategy/individual and open up the possibilities.  We are so much greater than we allow ourselves to believe.  I have laser-sharp, uncanny insight into what’s possible and how we can make it happen.

I’m a do-er.  I love talking it out and brainstorming – but more than that?

I love to Get. It. Done.

I know how to implement ideas and strategies and I have an innate understanding of corporate cultures.   I’m totally fluent in corporate speak;  business culture is my native culture.   I live and breathe this stuff.    To get anything done in an organization, we need to understand the overall culture, the subcultures and how to stage and time each step to make changes that stick.  Understanding, planning and navigating all of this lights my fire.  I really, really get it.

But, work is not just about the company.  Its about you and your personal best.  I believe that personal integrity is both our biggest responsibility (to ourselves and others) and the basis for our greatest successes in life.  Instinctively, we all know what’s right for us.  And sometimes what’s right for us personally requires us to adjust how we respond to what society or social norms dictate.

I’m the person who knows how to take the (well-thought-out) risk that aligns me – completely -  with my inner integrity.  And I’ll be the person who challenges you to do the same and, in the process, brings you to your greatest achievements.

The work we do together might be difficult.

It might challenge the status quo.

It will definitely be exhilarating and take you to your edge.

The outcome?   Your greatest potential, your greatest successes. 

I believe that each and every person has a tremendous gift to share with the world.  Mine? To empower people and ideas into their highest potential.

What’s yours?

Formal credentials?  Link to me on LinkedIn